Monday, November 1, 2010

Bus Ride and The Characters

Sorry for the super long time between posts, shit going on in my life, hopefully will be posting more consistently from now on.

Anyways, so I hopped on a bus, with clothes, a wad of cash, and my naivity intact. It was a pretty uneventful trip except for a few characters, the fattest man you'll ever see was on the bus, and he took a seat next to a skinny asian guy who had somehow been avoiding sitting next to anyone for a day or so, which was super exciting. Also, there was generic yelling guy who was angry 'cause things weren't going his way.

But then there was the one guy I really had a conversation with the entire time, he was great, full of rediculous stories. I'm pretty sure he was an ex-homeless-drug-addict-from-rich-family who had just gotten out of a psych ward. He told me about several of his really, really poor attempts at killing himself, like when he tried to hang himself from the ceiling, but decided he did't want to die so he grabbed onto the rafter that he tied the rope to. As if anyone makes a noose that short.

Another one of my favourite stories from him was his inventions, which were pretty much the equivelent to troll physics.  Mostly involving magnets, at one point he asked me if I ever invented stuff and when I told him I didn't he replied "Just look around, like imagine shoelaces that tied themselves!" Keep in mind this man was around 25 not 4 years old.